Who We Are

Hope Afloat Canada is a group of hard-working, fun-loving women who enjoy the sport of dragon boat racing. The race that we feel we are truly winning though is the race against cancer.

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Why We Paddle

The sport creates an incredible feeling of harmony and togetherness and most certainly has improved the quality of life of each team member both physically and mentally.

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Join Us

If you or someone you know is ready to enjoy the challenge of getting fit from paddling and embrace the camaraderie of others who have experienced cancer, Hope Afloat Canada would love to hear from you. No experience necessary.

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Welcome to the Comox Valley Dragon Boat Society’s

Hope Afloat Canada

Hope Afloat Canada is a women’s cancer survivor dragon boat team. Initially formed in 2001 as a breast cancer survivor’s dragon boat team, it now offers membership to women surviving all types of cancers. We are a group of hard-working, fun-loving women who enjoy the sport of dragon boat racing. The race that we feel we are truly winning though is the race against cancer.

Our hope is that the message “there is life, love and laughter after treatment” will reach other women facing the disease and will perhaps make a positive difference to their recovery. We were formed in 2001 and have a wide span of ages.  Getting up early in the morning to go to our practices isn’t difficult as we are fortunate to practice in the picturesque Comox Harbour beneath the beautiful backdrop of the Comox Glacier. Learn more about our history.

2023 and Alumni

Our Supporters

A big thank you goes out to all our supporters who have so generously contributed to our team. We would not be able to compete as a team without the support of our community and friends. In addition to the above corporate supporters, we have received tremendous support from countless Comox Valley businesses, service clubs and individuals. See all of our generous supporters.

If you would like to help support us, please contact us.


Highlights of 2022

2023 Was a great year!

 We started in March  and we continued to the beginning of September.  We had the most new members we have ever had! We were able be in 2 festivals Race the River and the new VIP Festival in Comox. We had the best time of the festival at Race the River! We look forward to this coming season!

We ready for the 2024 season!

Comments from Our Members

Paddling with Hope Afloat is a fantastic opportunity – a chance to learn a skill, increase strength and be part of an amazing, supportive team – all the while being filled with hope while afloat! Paddles Up!

Melanie Bagley

Since joining Hope Afloat, I am stronger, more active and fit, happier and much lighter!  The incredible attitude of this women’s team, gives latitude “to be the best you can be” — our team’s motto.  The laughter, support, acceptance and respect for all we share is an unbeatable TEAM connection.

Betty Ann Goodwin

Since becoming a founding member of Hope Afloat in 2001, I have met so many amazing teammates I am proud to call friends.  Their energy when practicing, intensity when competing and their passion and spirit, both on and off the boat, has truly been a gift to me.

Marcy Petersen

At age 67, my world came tumbling down after a diagnosis of breast cancer.  After my treatments, I wanted to resume the active lifestyle I had always enjoyed. I found Hope Afloat, a group of energetic women who loved to paddle,  women who had travelled a cancer journey similar to mine. They offered support, understanding and encouragement and at 74, I am still paddling.

Glenda Wilson

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