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Hope Afloat Canada is an all-women’s cancer survivor dragon boat team. Our team was initially formed in 2001 as a breast cancer survivors dragon boat team and now offers membership to women surviving all types of cancers. We are proud to say that we are entering our 13th dragon boating season. Our current membership consists of approximately 30 women of all ages and varying fitness levels. There is no age limit for joining our team, becoming fit and having fun.

We continually demonstrate through the sport of dragon boating that regular exercise promotes physical, emotional and spiritual well being for us all. Paddling builds the necessary upper body strength which provides flexibility for those who have had various surgeries, including those who have had lymph node and reconstructive surgery.

The importance of educating the public about breast cancer and all cancers is demonstrated through our high visibility and participation at the many provincial and international dragon boat festivals and locally by participating at our very own Victor Simonson Nautical Days Regatta in Comox.

Starting early in the spring of each year, you’ll see us practicing Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the beautiful Comox Inner Harbour. We work hard, have fun and absolutely love what we do.

If you too are a survivor and a woman who has been diagnosed with any form of cancer and are interested in joining our team, feel free to send us an e-mail through our website’s Contact Us button.

Paddles up!